SlideTalk turns your powerpoint presentation into an engaging talking video

  1. Upload slides or PowerPoint

    Upload an existing presentation or a collection of slides and pictures.

  2. Type a text for each slide

    Texts are converted into voiceover by high-quality text-to-speech.

  3. Get a video and share it

    The resulting video is published on YouTube or available for download.

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Focus on content, while saving time and money

No need for expensive audio recordings and time consuming video editing. With SlideTalk you can focus on content.

Automatic voiceover

High quality multilingual text-to-speech will convert your text comment to voiceover speech. See the list of available voices and hear samples for each voice in our voice samples page.

Share on YouTube or on your favorite channel

The video is automatically published on theslidetalknet channelon YouTube and ready to be shared, but you can choose to download it and publish it on your own channels,via purchase or premium subscription.

Boost your storytelling

By using both pictures and voiceover narration in a popular format like video, you can boost you storytelling and engage your audience.

eLearning, education, marketing and entertainment

SlideTalk videos are particularly suited for publishing eLearning, educational and marketing content. They can also be used for entertainment or in the classroom.

Presentations in foreign languages

Create talking videos in foreign languages, by taking advantage of the multilingual Text-to-Speech included in SlideTalk, supporting more than 20 languages and 70 voices.

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